The Child Group Mission Statement

The mission of The Child Group is to provide funds for the welfare and care of children worldwide. We are not a charity, we are the first business in the entertainment industry that works for children, so you cannot donate to us.

Our Aims

Our primary aim is to establish The Child Group as a lasting and significant part of the entertainment industry. We believe that The Child Group offers something completely new by not asking artistes to give up their time for free and by not asking people simply just to make a donation. The profits we will generate from the events we sponsor will be used to help some of the most vulnerable people in today's society… our children.

Why support The Child Group?

Too many children around the world are in need of help and that help is not readily available. 32,000 children die each day around the world through hunger and related diseases. 170,000 children in the UK alone are in need of specialized wheelchairs. This is where The Child Group will step in to create a more viable future for these children. We will also create a large number of new jobs to bolster traditional economies.

Why is The Child Group different from other organizations?

Rather than squirreling away cash in banks to earn interest, our own people will distribute funds worldwide to as many children as can be reached. Our founder, Bruce Gaines, feels that “In the 21st century, it's time for a new system to be introduced, as unfortunately today’s society has failed to meet the needs of so many of our children.” By putting together a company of this nature, it lifts the restrictions which are dictated by the amount of capital that is available in the system today.